Frequently Asked Questions


What does Civil Litigation actually Mean?

When people are upset at the actions or inactions of another and a lawsuit occurs, whether it is for a business or an individual, this falls into the arena of civil litigation. In order to reduce or alleviate the potential cost to the defendant, you will need to have litigation attorneys on your side.

Civil laws do not carry the same penalties as criminal law cases, but you still do not want to take the risk of paying more than you need to. This is especially true when you consider the potential cost of court related expenses. Oftentimes, civil litigation cases can be settled out of court - and at a reduced settlement amount.

Civil lawsuits may be involved when you are dealing with:

  • Contract dispute
  • Marriage
  • Accidents
  • Negligence
  • Probate
  • Property disputes
  • Commercial law

If you are facing civil litigation, then you need to have the legal services of a qualified litigation lawyer to act in your defense. Without it, you may end up with costs that exceed what it may be necessary to pay - if you had a civil attorney acting in your defense. Several stages are involved in civil litigation cases, which include:

  • Investigation
  • Pleadings
  • Discovery
  • Pre-trial
  • Trial
  • Settlement and Appeal.

Because a civil can be dropped at any point, you want to be sure to have a highly experienced civil lawyer on your side. After all, you can be sure that those parties on the other side will have the best.

The litigation attorneys at The Pope Law Offices in Athens, TN are well experienced in handling civil lawsuits. Charles Pope has successfully handled many cases - private and corporate - and won them - against claims totaling over $35,000,000.

What does a Constitutional Lawyer do?


Every one of us who live in this great country is well aware of the freedoms that this country has promised to all its citizens. Sometimes, those freedoms are threatened and action needs to be taken in order for people, businesses, and even states to continue to enjoy those freedoms.

The Constitution guarantees that your freedoms are protected under the various Articles and the Bill of Rights. Here are just a few of the freedoms that are guaranteed and for which you may need a constitutional lawyer to defend you:

  • Freedom of speech and press
  • Freedom of religion
  • Protection from search and seizure
  • Eminent domain
  • Due process of law
  • Discrimination
  • Rights of prisoners
  • And many more!

Constitutional lawyers specialize in cases that pertain to the violation of your rights as a citizen (even criminals have rights), or if you have been charged with violating someone else's constitutional rights. In order to get the best solutions to cases dealing with constitutional rights you need lawyers that are well versed in constitutional law and are familiar with constitutional interpretation.

Charles Pope has been specially recognized for his success with a number of high profile cases dealing with constitutional law. He has received specialized training in it and has appeared on Fox News and in various nationally syndicated publications because of it. He has also worked on both sides, as prosecution or defense, making him the ideal constitutional attorney to meet your needs.

If you are facing a problem where you need to have legal representation provided for you (criminal or otherwise) in a constitutional law situation, we at The Pope Law Offices invite you to contact us. We would be glad to meet with you and provide you with an initial consultation.

What are the Charges that can be made in a Criminal Defense Case?


When you have been charged with a crime - whether it is a misdemeanor or Federal - you want to have a highly qualified criminal defense attorney working on your side. You can be sure that the prosecution will be sharp, and you need the same quality, or better, handling your case.

There are many different charges for which you may want to secure the services of a specialized criminal defense attorney. Here are some categories for which you may need one:

  • Federal Crimes
  • Driving Offenses
  • Drug Crimes
  • Misdemeanor Crimes
  • Fraud Charges
  • Felony Crimes

One very important matter to remember when you are facing charges of any kind is that you are facing the possibility of a potentially great cost to you. This cost could come in the form of incarceration, fines, a criminal record, restitution, and more. Also, remember that the prosecution has access to almost unlimited funds to provide a thorough case against you. This means that you do not want to settle for a second best defense attorney.

At The Pope Law Offices in Athens, TN, you will have defense lawyers available that are very experienced in defending criminal cases, and winning them. Charles Pope has served as both prosecutor and defense attorney in many criminal cases that range from corporate embezzlement to homicide and knows how to win. Call us today for more information!

What is Estate Planning?


Planning for the handling of your estate is very important if you want to control exactly where your money and personal property will go when the time comes. Since state and Federal taxes can take a large chunk out of them before they ever get distributed, professional estate planning can enable your beneficiaries to receive a much larger portion - and you can lose less to taxes.

While simple documents could easily be written and fulfilled, they also can rather easily be thwarted, and your assets end up not going to the ones you intended. An estate planning attorney, however, can enable your estate documents to include various protections against that from happening.

If you have loved ones that you want to make sure are provided for when you pass on, or if you should become incapacitated in some way, then you need an experienced estate planner to ensure they will be taken care of according to your desires. This can include things like guardianships, establishing a trust for their care and future education, avoiding expensive probate, and ensuring that you are provided for properly with a living will and power of attorney - if they should ever be needed.

Here is some estate planning services that an estate planning attorney can provide for you:

  • Estate planning
  • Will writing
  • Power of attorney forms
  • Tax reduction
  • Revocable trust or other trusts
  • Living will form
  • Long term care
  • Education
  • Life insurance
  • Gifts

An estate planning attorney is also able to help you reduce taxes and provide you with the tools you need for better money management, too. This may include services involving:

  • business Partnerships
  • Business Insurance
  • Retirement Plans
  • Debt Protection
  • Joint Tenancy

Attorneys at the Pope Law Offices are ready to meet with you and help you with effective estate planning services. We are experienced and licensed to perform these services in both Tennessee and Alabama. Call our offices today for an initial consultation and get your estate planning needs started. We look forward to hearing from you.

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